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Ambitious student housing project

An important work of housing for students with sustainable architecture in the province of Santa Fe.

The Universidad Nacional del Litoral ( UNL ) and the Association of Workers of the State ( ATE ) are developing a project in the city of Santa Fe that provides more than 60 housing units for students pursuing their careers in the city.

With the inauguration of 18 apartments of the first building in February, the 2020 school cycle has a total of 144 university  students  living in these residences, under a conciliatory project and the need of the UNL to house and contain young people from different localities in the region. “We can say with great satisfaction that the first 18 residences — which were opened last July — are inhabited by 72 students. They are developing their careers here and take advantage of the proximity, facilities of the UNL-ATE Predio and the amenities provided by Ciudad Universitaria,” said Enrique Mammarella, rector of the University.

In the future, the complex will be complemented by a new building that will contain 24 more duplex apartments, which began to be built from an investment that exceeds $155 million. This will complete a 60 apartment complex that will have an installed capacity for 240 residents.

This new building of 1980 m2 covered and 900 m2 semi-covered will accommodate 96 more students. The work contract provides for a period of execution of 24 months. Within this period, the construction company undertakes to deliver 12 finished units in the first 12 months and the remaining within 24 months. The conclusion of this last building will allow you to complete the complex, generating a large internal green square and completing the Hotel-Student Residences complex.

 Sustainable architecture 

Two outstanding elements mark the UNL's commitment to sustainable  architecture  in these buildings: the state-of-the-art parasol system improves direct solar incidence by letting breezes pass and achieving comfortable temperature levels in summer times. On the other hand, it protects from the southern winds access to the residences.

The second are the green, removable terraces or decks that allow easy access and maintenance. The use of succulent species on pumice substrate facilitates its care, as they do not require pruning or watering. The stone absorbs surplus rain water and feeds plants when they need it in dry times.

 Source:   Press UNL 

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