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Food allergies and intolerance

There is much to know about celiac disease and the different intolerances.

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Allergies are reactions that our body may have to different foods and different situations. They can have both an emotional and a physical component. Among the foods that can be presented as allergens we can mention: wheat, fish, chocolate, shellfish, strawberries, nuts and more..... The person in charge of determining if we are in the presence of an allergy is the medical specialist; he or she is the only one to give us an accurate diagnosis, and to tell us if it is a food allergy, as well as the food that causes it, in order to be able to reach the appropriate treatment. Seeing a doctor is of paramount importance. Brief introduction to celiac disease. It is an intolerance to a protein called gluten, present in wheat, oats, barley and rye, which is why the acronym without T.A.C.C.C. It is a disease that belongs to the so-called chronic inflammatory diseases of the intestine, and is caused by the intake of gluten, producing in some cases diarrhea, colic, skin eczema. Gluten causes an injury to the intestinal mucosa, causing malabsorption syndrome, or an alteration in the absorption of various nutrients in the intestine. This is how we lose the nutrients we consume when we eat the different foods, which are eliminated by the fecal matter, causing diarrhea. It is very different to be Celiac or gluten intolerant than to choose a gluten-free diet; be clear about this. These are completely different things. There is much to know about celiac disease and the different intolerances. We'll get on with it.

Publication Date: 31/08/2018

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