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How to make pleasure, relaxation, well-being, rest and recreation last a “little” more?


Easter is usually the longest weekend of holidays to enjoy a mini  holiday  with family, friends, as a couple... To Easter 2018, the holiday of April 2 was added, thus becoming the “longest” long weekend in the history of our country...

And of course it was taken advantage of and enjoyed in full thanks to the good weather that prevailed.

Now: How to make the state of pleasure, relaxation, well-being that give us rest and recreation last even if it is a “little” more?

The harmful effects of stress are well known; that is why holidays are one of the best antidotes to  stress  and fundamental to good physical and mental health.

Holidays don't necessarily have to be long and expensive, just a few days off to appreciate nature, chat with friends, listen to music, naps or any pleasure that everyone chooses as an attempt to forget problems and work activities recharge our energies.

The return from a long weekend can also cause distress, and the aggression of traffic itself, the noise, the issues we leave pending, the crowds of return, generate a stress similar to that of before leaving.

Is it possible to smooth this impact back?

Some tips that I hope will be useful: to resume activities calmly and progressively, take time to organize the agenda, direct those plans that we can think of during the rest days in which you think about yourself (such as diets, quitting smoking, doing sports, finding some friend, give importance to affections, enjoy sex life,  greater contact with nature , increase cultural activities and above all weigh  free time  as a fundamental value for life).

And finally... “Atenti that is coming on May 1st.”

A few tips to not stress when you return on a trip

It is inevitable that when you return to the office after the holidays you feel like the world is coming over you. We have to say goodbye to the rest life we had been carrying and “embrace” the routine we had almost forgotten.

Again we have to get up early, do our work tasks, organize our meals and all the routine that entails can cause us stress. Undoubtedly it is not easy to go back and say goodbye to something that we know will take to repeat; but we must not be pessimistic either,  we must be grateful for being able to have enjoyed the holidays and the experiences lived, rather than lamenting what we have already tasted.

Below are 4 very useful tricks to reduce stress at work, whether you have just returned on vacation or if you are living in a constant anxiety in your daily life.

 How to avoid stress at work 

  1.  Leave things planned before you go.  This first trick is to leave all matters and tasks closed before you go on vacation. It is important that you anticipate the tasks you have to deliver or leave ready upon your return. This way you avoid running into a complicated task on the return.
  2.  Always start with the most difficult task.  This advice does not contradict the previous one. You can for you to leave everything ready, ready and closed, but when you come back there is a cumbersome task receiving you . That is why, to avoid stress, we advise you to liquidate it as soon as possible, so you get the weight off your top. Many times what stresses you is the constant thinking of that cumbersome task that you did not do, that the task itself.
  3.  Take it easy.  This premise also does not contradict any of the above . It's not the same to take things easy as procrastinating. Neither one nor the other. We can't pretend to solve all the problems in a while, but we can't leave the important things for the last minute either.
  4.  Organize and retake habits.  This is the most important thing. Make realistic goals and organize the guidelines and method you're going to follow.

 Getting up early is essential,  so you'll have more time to do a greater number of things.

Publication Date: 21/05/2018

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