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A unique duo

The partnership achieved between the two musicians was perfect


 On July 1, 1937, the relationship between Hannibal Troilo and Francisco Fiorentino, “Fiore” began.  It happened when Troilo set up his first orchestra to make his debut in the “Marabú”, incorporating Fiorentino, who came from performing in the ensembles of Francisco Canaro, Juan Carlos Cobian, Roberto Firpo, Pedro Maffia, Juan D'Arienzo, Roberto Zerrillo and Minotto Di Cico.But with Troilo, the of Fiorentino experienced a total change, because it was like another instrument in the orchestra. The assembly was optimal. It was the highlight of his career. But not all songs sung, were recorded commercially. With “Pichuco”, he surpassed his previous performances since his intimate voice and his phrasing well porteño, was a characteristic of that stage in the orchestra.During the almost 7 years of performance of this tango binomial, they recorded 60 songs, which by listening to them 75 years later, retain the freshness of an unmistakable phrasing, along with an excellent rhythm of the milonguera orchestra conducted by Troilo. Fiorentino was not the same, neither before nor after Troilo. The partnership achieved between the two musicians was perfect. In a time when everyone was good, he managed to stand out, creating a halo of interpretive magic in a set, which had irreplaceable values, leaving an indelible mark.

Publication Date: 09/09/2018

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By: Martin angel c. 18 September, 2018

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