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A Little Prince in Argentina

Concordia was the lucky city to welcome Antoine Saint-Exupery, writer of “The Little Prince”, back in the 1930s.


Concordia was the lucky city to welcome Antoine Saint-Exupery, writer of “The Little Prince”, back in the 1930s. He accidentally landed on an adventurous journey through our country. She used to stay in the homes of strangers, to thoroughly explore their destinations and “tanned” with the essence of the place. He stayed in the castle of a hospitable family, and tells the story, where the statue in question is, he was inspired to write his maximum work; with the parallelism that he himself is the aviator of the story and The Little Prince, the family that hosted him. We choose to trust that this story is real because it fills our soul with poetry.

The monument is a hybrid between “the monument corresponds to the place or not” referring to whether the events occurred where it is implanted. The point is, we don't know where the French writer was inspired, but it's a good excuse to celebrate such a work of literature, and be a tourist icon of Concordia.

Years ago the original castle was burned and fortunately it was restored. It is a place worth visiting: it received a national prize for best heritage intervention and another prize for conservation and enhancement, from the Central Society of Architects. Beyond these awards, for readers of this work and faithful implementers of its teachings it is impresindiindible to go to this place at some point in life. For those who are not, it is impresindiindible to read it. Visiting the place provides as diverse sensations as interpretations, about the novel.

 “ He was nothing but a fox like a hundred thousand others. But I made him my friend and now he's unique in the world.” Perhaps we can apply this to the places over which we intercede and personalize .  Plage them with our essence, that they are unrepeatable and unreconstructed, that they are not one more. Unique in their kind, representative of their region, and commemorating their controller. That's what monuments are all about.

Publication Date: 03/06/2018

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