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20 years after an idea that turned into a format

The movie that anticipated the reality shows

There have been many film approaches to the world of the future, many of them highly seductive. Sometimes they hit her and sometimes they don't. The fact is, I keep waiting for cars to fly. But the future of "The Truman Show", which is 20 years old these days, was far from the great science fiction productions. He focused on the world of entertainment, entertaining some, horrifying others, and discovering something that was already there and then it became a television virus: reality shows. "Big Brother,""Robinson Expedition,""Operation Triumph,""Weight Matter,""American Idol," and "Top Chef" are just a few of the many successful examples that this film somehow represented. That future for Truman was in 1998, directed by the remarkable Peter Weir, about whom we could talk a lot and well, thanks to several of his wonderful films. "Gallipolli" (1981), "Witness in Danger" (1985), "Sea and War Captain" (2003), are just a few that should be a must, although the one that gives rise to this writing transcended the strictly cinematographic. Great original idea, development and production, a very good script by Andrew Nicol, more impeccable interpretations of the multifaceted Jim Carrey (everything that is on the verge of normalcy is just right) and Ed Harris. We must see it, because it entertains and makes us reflect on the extent to which the desperate search for the rating is capable of reaching.... which they sought so much and so badly, that now, perhaps for that reason, it does not stop.

Publication Date: 16/07/2018

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By: Amy 29 July, 2018

Que buena peli, y un Jim Carrey impecable capaz de transitar airoso los distintos estados de animo de su personaje y un Ed Harris diez puntos

By: Fabian 01 August, 2018

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Jim Carrey y Ed Harris son bien distintos, pero siempre se lucen, cualquiera sea la peli.

By: Fabián Albinati 10 August, 2018

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Jim Carrey es increiblemente camaleonico, único

By: Fernando Saluzzi 20 August, 2018

Extraordinaria peli que nos hizo abrir los ojos y atravesar el decorado de “la realidad aparente”

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