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9 golden rules to enjoy a beautiful terrace

On summer days, take advantage of your terrace to its full potential.


Do you have a terrace? Take advantage of the privilege of having an outdoor space to use it all year round. What is the perfect terrace? What do I do to organize roasts during the winter? Here are some golden rules for your terrace to be beautiful.

1) Terrace is synonymous with relaxing
Loungers, hammocks or pillows on the floor. No matter what it is, but the perfect terrace has to have a corner where you can relax, throw yourself in the sun, rest or read a good book. A carpet (vinyl or synthetic fibre, which can withstand well in the weather) with cushions can be a makeshift place to throw you out all afternoon. If you have space, don't give up a huge sofa where you can forget about work for a few hours.

2) Adecúa the
lunch area Lunch al fresco is a pleasure, and take a mate with the first rays of sun in the morning, too. Even on the smaller terrace there is a table accompanied by two chairs. Which materials are ideal for creating your outdoor dining room? We recommend choosing furniture that can withstand the weather conditions without too much maintenance. The wood is nice, but it needs care... keep it in mind if it's your choice. PVC furniture can be a good alternative, although resin furniture does not crack or fade. They ensure high durability, as well as aluminum, very durable and easy to combine with outdoor fabrics.

3) The best of the sun: the shade
On every terrace we must create shaded areas, either by installing a tent, parasols, an awning or pergola, according to your needs or orientation. Natural fabrics or micro-perforated tarpaulins allow light to pass through without sacrificing ventilation. They're perfect. The sun and shade areas in winter and summer will act as thermal control, regulating the indoor temperature in your home or apartment.

4) Bet everything on green
Flowers, vegetation, trees... everything to give color to your terrace. In a perfect exterior you can not miss the green. Plants can be placed in pots or planters, you can let them climb the walls or reserve a perimeter area to place them. One recommendation that does not often fail is to use plants that do not require excessive maintenance and ensure vegetation in several seasons. A perfect terrace can not do without automatic watering. You will need, obviously, a double outlet of water for irrigation and hose.

5) Take care
of lighting Lighting is one of the key aspects of a perfect terrace, although we often forget about it. The indirect lights, with warm and soft chromatic tones, are ideal for patios or terraces. On the other hand, low spotlights and wall sconces illuminate with subtlety. Install dimmer dimmers to choose more or less lighting, depending on the environment you want. Sustainability should always be a priority: buy LED spotlights or even solar lamps, which by day decorate and at night light without consuming electricity. For more punctual moments, other items such as lanterns, chains or electric candles will look beautiful on your terrace.

6) Watch where you walk
How important it is to know where we walk, more in our outer space. The choice of the floor will depend on different factors: use, size or available budget. A wooden floating floor that brings warmth, for example, will be a safe bet. You can choose pine with autoclave treatment or extremely resistant woods such as the ipé. Porcelain stoneware is highly recommended for its durability, while traditional ceramics are magnificent for a more rustic style. Finally, do not forget that a continuous floor of polished concrete will not fail.

7) Don't neglect the details
A color detail in fabrics, pillows or carpets; beautiful lamps, strategically placed vases, or that beautiful chair... As in the interior of your home, it's not just about furnishing, but about decorating. Be encouraged to play with the details. The perfect terrace has personality: combine without fear and chose originality.

8) The terrace of your dreams is only for you
If you want to be on your terrace without thinking about the neighbors, laid in the sun quietly, it is important to

Publication Date: 04/02/2019

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