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7 decoration tips to have a stress-free home

Do you want to have a stress-free home in which to always feel comfortable and comfortable? Follow these tips and start enjoying a quiet house.

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Having a stress-free home can bring us multiple benefits. Our house is our place in the world, the corner where we have our personal things and where we spend moments that should be as relaxed and pleasant as possible.

That is why living in a clean, quiet and tidy space makes your health better, as rest is favored and the mood is renewed. Here are 7 decorating ideas to have a stress-free home.

  1.  Order and cleanliness.  The first thing we need to keep in mind to create a pleasant atmosphere is to order everything in its place, not collecting unnecessary objects or leaving them scattered anywhere.
  2.  Integrate plants into the decor . Adding plants inside the home will bring harmony. For many cultures plants symbolize growth and abundance.
  3.  Leave free spaces.  To obtain a stress-free home it is essential to organize the environments according to the furniture we want to place, but without loading them. It is advisable to do cleanings often and remove anything that is not used.
  4.  Light to have a stress-free home  It is always advised to have large windows, as natural light is a great stimulant of mood. But, since this can not always be obtained, the solution is to place table and floor lamps with soft lighting trying to create a natural light effect.
  5.  Colours to decorate  It is proven that the range of colors you choose to decorate your home influences the mood. There are colors with greater effect than others to relax the body, relieve pressure and achieve peace of mind.
  6.  Aromatize.  We must use this sense to achieve greater relaxation in our home. We will try to get a soft and subtle aroma. You can resort to sahumerios, flowers or scented candles. The latter also provide a special dim lighting to achieve moments of relaxation.
  7.  Add round tables.  If you have to renovate the dining table, it is recommended that it be round. This is because it allows better communication between family members, as it is easier to look at everyone. Being able to talk to everyone helps to interact better, understand each other, and put yourself in place to create a stress-free home.

Source: Best with Health

Publication Date: 23/06/2019

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