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5 tips to incorporate the Scandinavian style

One of the most fashionable trends.


Scandinavian, or Nordic style, is one of the  latest trends  in furniture. This style perfectly combines two of the essential elements in  decor : aesthetics and practicality.
He was born in the early twentieth century in northern European countries: Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. In these places, for most of the year there is hardly any natural light and winters are long and harsh. In this way, the decoration of the houses was sought to provide as much luminosity as possible.
We give you some keys so you can apply it in your home:

  1. Minimalism. Scandinavian style is minimalist: there are not too many moldings, no baroque handles, no different colors. In general, white and light wood predominate.
  2. Use of space. There is a rational conception of space and it seeks to take advantage of every corner.
  3. White walls. The walls in these houses are usually white and the pictures are the ones that provide the color.
  4. Colour notes. The colour notes fall especially on textiles. Each one will know how to give you the shades with which you feel most comfortable.
  5. Straight lines. Finally, this style is characterized by straight, clean lines that fill the whole room.

Publication Date: 05/03/2019

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