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4 tips to incorporate the eclectic style in your home

If you like eclectic decoration, we leave you some tips so you can apply it.

Unlike what it might seem, eclectic decoration has a logic behind it. It does not follow specific rules, but creates — from different elements — a fusion that, together, generates distinct and shocking spaces.
Before making the choice of parts, it is important to plan the design so that it does not end up being a confusing mixture of elements that have nothing to do with each other. Here are some guidelines for achieving that perfect combination:

  1. Accessories. Accessories are the protagonists in this type of decoration. Pieces from different cultures or eras can be mixed. However, it is important not to overdo it with the amount of elements used in the same environment.
  2. Unifying element. The success of this style lies in finding a common point that remains in all pieces and styles. In general, it is usually the color that is used as the base.
  3. Balance. In the eclectic mix of different objects there must be a communion between them, either through cohesion or grouped together for the purpose of surprise. The complete vision must have a purpose that is clear in the aesthetic result.
  4. Parts in a system. Each piece separately may not say much, because in this style each works as a piece in a more complex system. The most common thing is that objects of similar shape, material, color or function act together to create the space we are looking for.
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