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“Your back helps. Help with your return”

Alfredo Coto's company carries out its 18th public good action.

“Your back helps. Help with your return” is the solidarity initiative carried out by the company founded by Alfredo Coto.
A small help can mean a lot for those who need it most. Therefore, under the slogan “Let's continue collaborating together to improve the health of all”, the company led by Alfredo Coto is carrying out a new Public Good Campaign aimed at expanding the pediatric area located in the Early Diagnostic Unit “Dr. Susana Martha Lara” in the town of Machinista Francisco Savio in the Escobar.

With the collaboration of customers through their return and the professional services provided free of charge by the employees of Alfredo Coto's company for its development and execution, the initiative “Your Vuelto Help. Ayudá con tu Vuelto” already has 17 works completed and a new campaign in the town of Maquinista Francisco Savio. This policy of Corporate Social Responsibility carried out by the company promotes solidarity and cooperation by providing a significant contribution to the improvement of the health service of the population.

Among the public good works that COTO carries out every year are from equipping hospitals and refurbishing health centers to the construction of new health units.

During 2018, two works were delivered in the province of Buenos Aires that included the Restoration and Remodeling of the Pediatric Center of the Municipality of Moreno and the construction of Carlos Spegazzini Health Center No. 7 in Ezeiza.

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