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XCapit: superheroes of investments

We tell you all about a young, Cordovan and successful entrepreneurship that revolutionizes the stock exchange. From Cordoba to the world, advising investors.

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XCapit: superhéroes de las inversiones

 This is an entrepreneurship carried out by researchers and students of the National University of Córdoba.  Between a cloud of numbers, algorithms, exercises and accounts, they gave  the international economy a twist.  It is XCapit,  a bot that has   artificial intelligence to guide investments in the  cryptocurrency market.  The fintech was created by José Trajtenberg, lawyer, and Fernando Boiero, systems engineer. With the participation of a  diverse group of professionals. 

The entrepreneurship aims to facilitate entry into the  “crypto” market.  That is,  the growth of the concept of cryptocurrencies and investments in this style . So it  supports investment management with automated processes.  XCapit has an  interdisciplinary team  that aims  to create creative and effective solutions around investment.  The staff of the platform has the work of doctors in Computing, Physics and Mathematics, specialists in quantitative finance and data scientists.  It arises from the creation  of a lgorithm designed to advise potential investors,  as it monitors and advises  users on how toor invest in digital assets or cryptocurrencies.

It is sponsored by the  R&D of the Faculty  of Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics and Computing (FAMAF) of the UNC. The company has  14 collaborators, mostly doctors and graduates of this institution. It also has the support and contribution of CONICET. She was also part of The Founder Institute's incubation program in 2018.Currently, the company has its operational base in the city of Córdoba. But it also  has technical teams  distributed throughout the country and around the world: Villa María, Buenos Aires and San Sebastián, Spain.

What is the key?

 José Trajtenberg is the CEO of the company  and tells the media that trading operations are performed on a cryptocurrency exchange platform, called Binance.  José  is a specialist  and states that  the key is to know how to diversify the risks of investments.  Since the economic history of the countries in general is marked by a great instability that is reflected at the time of an investment. At the time of investing, people seek to get the highest security and the least risk,   and this bot manages to inform them about the stays of their bets in the market.  Therefore, developing a program that takes into account all factors in real time is very important.

Users  who are determined  to invest in the stock exchange need to  specify some data for the bot to make its recommendations.  For example, set  your intention to take the risk, the amount to invest and the time you have . Transactions are completely digital, as funds are withdrawn from  the virtual wallet of the same user.  The algorithm takes care of the rest. Obviously, the person can indicate when to stop investment transactions. Since, in the event that you have achieved a certain goal or have reached the loss limit,  the transaction may be stopped.  XCapit carries out " an automation process based on the technology of an artificial intelligence algorithm”. 

Grows, how it grows

 Fintech was born in March 2018 and, in the middle of August 2020 with a pandemic and everything, continues to grow. The most recent investment  is $450 thousand from angel investors and from a Canadian fund.  Which leads them to calculate  a growth of 40% a month  .This company created by professionals in statistics, marketing and trained on the stock exchange, is  growing more and more .  In the midst of a global crisis, the cryptocurrency market is moving forward and XCapit is accommodated as a number one advisor. 

Publication Date: 27/08/2020

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