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What is it like to undertake in the difficult world of fashion?

Nahir Robledo, from Amen, tells us about her experience as a young entrepreneur.

Nahir Robledo studied apparel and textile design, when he finished the career, he opened his own clothing brand. At first alone and then with Yamile, her sister.

He made the garments in his house, with a family machine:  He climbed everything he sewed into the  nets  and so he was selling them . After a while, he was able to hire other girls for clothing, which was key to the growth of the brand.

“ The most beautiful thing about undertaking is to be able to manage your days, your times, be your own boss . Clearly, sometimes it's also all more complicated because everything falls only on the two of us, but we take it as a daily challenge and  never lose sight of our main goal: to have fun and have a good time at work . We really love what we do.” He tells us with total good energy and conviction.

“We always knew that we wanted to dedicate ourselves to making shirts, but for a matter of time and costs that this garment has, it was not the time. We made dresses, t-shirts and even bags. Once we were able to organize and create a team, we were able to focus 100% on the shirt.”

Could you tell us about Amen's main competitive advantage?

“Our shirts are limited edition. This speaks of an exclusivity that we will always look to keep within the growth that the brand may have.  We also attach new prints every week , which benefits both us and our resellers, who can offer new designs all the time.”

 At this time the girls launch  the unisex-line   with a lot of enthusiasm, for the fact that they can offer a more complete line and continue to grow in the world of shirts.

What advice would you give to a person who has a business idea in our country, but does not know whether to undertake or not?

“Let it be encouraged; don't wait to have everything under control to boot, because probably not always everything is perfect to start. But once you start with a project, you can go solving and improvising solutions. We have a lot to learn yet, but we celebrate the loyalty we were able to achieve with our customers and the ability to expand throughout the country, thanks to wholesale sales.”

For these young sisters, every day is a new challenge, new proposals, new situations and they are full of a thousand ideas or projects to stay enthusiastic and happy about the decision they made. Create is to believe why at the moment they have their own brand, because they believed that working hard on that is the best decision and especially to do it in our country.