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Virginia, a Rosarina company of over 100 years

Virginia was born in 1915 as a family venture, but with the drive and decision of large companies in Rosario.
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La Virginia nace en 1915 como un emprendimiento familiar
07 January, 2020

Starting in 1940, Virginia implemented its geographical expansion guided by a strategic distribution plan, consisting in the multiplication of the number of branches, which are now located in virtually all of Argentina.

Its strong long-term vision is evidenced by a constant investment in technology and innovation and by the strengthening of its relationship with suppliers, customers and employees. This has turned that small initial venture into a leading company at the national level, with a regional consolidation and global projection .

Technological capacity and consumer orientation

Virginia constantly invests in state-of-the-art equipment and technology , research and development and improvement of its production processes. Its products are manufactured under BPM Standards (Good Manufacturing Practices).

Responding to market demands and global trends, Cafés La Virginia S.A. supports its growth based on the launch of new products and the renewal of packaging . Carrying out ongoing research, studies and analyses markets, both national and international, to focus on new trends and consumer needs. As a result of this policy, La Virginia is today not only a leading brand, but also a reliable company in its relationship withcustomers and consumers.

From and to the world

The experience gained in almost a century of active worldwidesearch of its sources of supply, in addition to strict quality controlscontribute significantly to the excellencepursued by the company from the very beginning of the process of elaboration.

The Virginia currently has suppliers of raw materials and inputs in more than 20 countries .

As in the domestic market, its commercial spirit abroad is aimed at creating and strengthening long-term societies. For this purpose, it has different business formats ranging from representation and distribution agreements at the country or region level , to two companies owned by it in Uruguay, through which it distributes its products .

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