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The topic is to export

The country must export to grow; it is nothing new. Now things are much easier, as this fair stand shows.

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El tema es exportar

There can be no doubt about the benefits of the agreement Mercosur - EU recently reached by the government. So good it is, that you are already working with Brazil on a similar one with US. But there are also other options that can result in good business... I don't... Angola wouldn't be a... The topic is to export.

That's what Patricio Bonatti understood. Maybe it was a stroke of luck. Because Patricio had a stall at the Recoleta. A group of Kwaitis came to his post and from one they bought 50 fanny packs. Patricio sells high quality sports belt bags. So an order for 100 more came up, as evidence.

Aid from the Government

Aided by the Simple Export program, Patricio brought his first sale to Kwait. He was rewarded up to shipping, beyond advising him on everything. And, according to his experience, the platform is super simple to use. Now they advise him from the Directorate of Foreign Trade. Half-court goal.

Patricio realized that the issue is export and now he is doomed to it. First, he achieved a high quality product. It's okay that using needlewomen who work from home (unemployed women, who help in their homes) lowered costs a lot. Something fundamental; something else is to explain. But Patricio toured most of the country in search of first-class materials. It has an excellent product. And so it manages to export to non-traditional markets. It's the beginning.

If you want to know their products, you can find them in Soho Bikes and News Bikes. They are called “Ultrarunning“. An experience to imitate and export.

Publication Date: 11/07/2019

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By: Patricio Bonatti 21 May, 2020

Gracias por la nota !

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