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The old new interns

A Mendoza company opened the call for interns over 60 years. Yeah, like in Robert De Niro's film.

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For those who have not seen the film, it is necessary to clarify that it is about  a man who, at 70 years old, feels strong and young to continue working, then enters a company where they take him as an intern . That same situation is what seeks to replicate in reality a Mendoza company, which, with the image of the film, has distributed brochures and digital images making the call for  senior interns  60 years old.

The proposal is only applicable to people who are over 60 years old, good predisposition and labor proactivity. The announcement, which is a novelty in the province, is based on a global  trend  where more and more companies recruit this age group, as talent can be sought in people with greater experience and time availability. 

Specialists claim that labor laws were made long ago, when  people  retired at 65 and died at 70. Today that group is in full activity, but it must have retired being at the height of their knowledge .

Pablo Scherbovsky, who is in charge of Gardens, the  real estate  development that triggered the call and that quickly became viralized on the networks, said that, within a few hours of posted the ad on their social networks, the answer was impressive .

The applicants of the service  sought a positive image , which is why they chose the film. They set out to present a new challenge, taking advantage of the situation of the pandemic where these people are suffering a lot from confinement. In addition, they clarified that activities will be sent to them to carry out via teleworking.

The aim is to use the experience of about 20 future interns to advise them on a real estate development focused on  older adults  . It is necessary to refine a lot of details, which with market research are still missing. From this arises the opportunity  to summon these people who can become users of these units and be  able to respond together to these specific needs.

 Firms are realizing that a 60-year-old person is in very good condition to be able  work , has time and experience, and can cope with the shortage of talent of the mostaacute; s young people . That is the concept that Mendoza consultants handle.

He further explained that a large part of this workforce is used to advise other employees . Thus, interns become new staff of the company, but old in terms of work activity.


The  company , which based its method of searching employees on the concept of  “reality surpasses fiction”,  is developed in the real estate development sector. In this regard, they consider that the contribution of people with experience and time to devote to work is essential to achieve their objectives.

Publication Date: 24/07/2020

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