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The most argentinian online store you can find

In Ser Argentino's online store, we offer tour packages, experiences, services and products so you can know our country.

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 Being Argentinian  began as the best things in life begin: like a dream. We wanted to try to express what this essence is so complex and so beautiful that makes up our idiosyncrasy. We wanted to tell all the edges of what makes us as we are.  We have a beautiful country and an amazing village . We have a lot to improve, but — too— a lot to offer.

On our  site  you can find content of all kinds to get to know Argentina and Argentines better. But we felt we could give you something else, so we added to our site — where we add new content on a daily basis — an  online store  where you can find tour packages, experiences, services and products.  Our intention is to send our compatriots, and to those who want to visit us from other countries, options to get to know Argentina first hand.

We consider ourselves  experts in Argentina  and, therefore, we choose the best experiences and the best products to let our customers reach everything that represents us as a country.


We don't sell only trips: we convey the passion for travel. With our  tour packages , you will be able to tour the whole country with options for all tastes and budgets. We have exclusive offers that include a couple of days getaways and trips with different options. Aerial, accommodation, excursions... Everything you need to know this beautiful country of punta punta. Choose your destination and start dreaming your trip. The rest is in our hands.


Have you chosen your destiny yet, but you don't know what to do there? No problem. With our  experiences  you will be able to discover small secrets of Argentina in a different way.  Different experiences for all tastes , that take you out of the conventional tourist circuit and give you unique moments. Excursions, guided tours and other activities. Go to our store and find out everything you have to choose from. Your next adventure is here: lived unique experiences in Argentina.


What else is missing from your trip?  If you like to set up your own adventure, the best alternative is to rent a car to set up your own tour.   Your schedules, your routes, your trip.  We have the best prices and top quality vehicles . Browse our store and find the car that will accompany you on your next trip.


Do you want to give something good Argentinian? You came to visit and want to take the best of memories? In our online store you will find top quality  Argentine products    . Matte sets, ponchos, backpacks, acrylics, wines, wallets, t-shirts... Enter our store and know everything we have to offer you.

 Shop easily, quickly and safely from the Ser Argentino  online store  .  You will find trips, experiences, products and services with one common factor: the passion we feel for Argentina. Since Ser Argentino, our greatest desire is that more and more people can get to know our country, its landscapes, its customs and its products.

If you have any questions or need advice, please contact us. We're here to help you!

Publication Date: 25/12/2020

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By: Clau Pas 10 February, 2021

Que hermoso el laburo q hacen #SerArgentino de dar a conocer todo lo que pasa en Argentina y de Argentinos que triunfan en el exterior o historias de vida que me emocionan hasta la lágrimas 😍

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