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The mattress we all want

Matías and Patricio are two entrepreneurs who created Calm, a brand that comes to revolutionize the way of choosing a mattress.

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El colchón que todos queremos

 Choosing a mattress is something as important as it is complicated . The market is saturated with options and potential buyers, forced to decide to try them two minutes in the middle of a local. Then, the wait: receiving it at home is also a difficulty, due to the delivery times and how difficult it can be to get it to certain environments (especially if the house is small, but the mattress is large).

With this panorama in mind,  Matías Burstein and Patricio Fiaschi,  two young industrial engineers and  entrepreneurs , sought a way in which Buying a mattress wasn't torture. So they created   Calm , a brand that completely changes the paradigm.  

A brand new in every sense

To begin to shape the idea, they were based on three points: deliver them in the shortest possible time, in a practical format (they come vacuum sealed inside a small box and expand once opened) and that people could try them out. Try them? Yeah, no spooning at the mall. The Calm mattress can be tried by sleeping at home.  You have 30 days and, if you don't like it, you can return it  and receive your money again. In such cases, the returned mattresses are donated to the  Yes Foundation .

Does this  form of business work? The numbers speak for themselves. In 3 months, they sold  450 mattresses  and only had 1% returns. In addition,  they invoiced 8 million pesos . It's just that Matthias and Patricio are not improvised. To design their mattress, they consulted with traumatologists and realized that there is a mattress model that fits 99% of people: neither too hard nor too soft. That's why in Calm  they have only one model , which comes in three sizes (one square, two seats and queen).

As if all this were not enough, the distribution system they use stands out for its efficiency: the mattress arrives at your home in 24 hours if you are in Buenos Aires City and 96 if you are in the interior of the country.

Sleep well is very important and, now, it is also very simple.

Publication Date: 05/02/2020

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