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The design of Argentina's first Water Fund was completed

Know who is behind this initiative.

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Within the framework of its 100+ sustainability platform, Cervecería y Maltería  Quilmes  participated in the city of    Mendoza , of the signing of the agreement to create the promoter group that will promote the creation  of Argentina's first Water Fund , with the aim of contributing to the water security of  Oh, Mendoza .

The sponsoring group is also composed of the Government of Mendoza, the General Department of Irrigation, Mendocinas Water,  Coca-Cola , Danone and TNC, representing the Latin American Alliance of Fonds de Agua as members of the promoter group.
For   Brewery and Maltería Quilmes   water is a fundamental ingredient in the recipe of its beers and a natural resource of great importance to achieve the economic, social and environmental well-being of people and communities.

 With the signing of the agreement of understanding, Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes and the promoter group will advance in the design phase of a Water Fund for the River M basin that will help water supply for its people, industry and nature in the long term. 
“ With the signing of this agreement we take an important step towards meeting our goal of ensuring that  Mendoza , one of the provinces where we brew our beers, has a measurable improvement in water availability and quality. We are convinced that the best way to generate positive impact on communities and the environment is through collective actions that bring together public and private partnerships for biodiversity conservation,” says Gonzalo Fagioli, Vice President of Corporate Affairs of Brewery and Maltería  Quilmes .

The  Water Funds  are organizations that manage the search for sustainable resources to preserve water through territorial planning of science-based actions, such as land protection, riverine vegetation, environmental education and communication campaigns, among other solutions.
“ The design phase involves the elaboration of the strategic plan that will govern the actions  of the Water Fund , with objectives and goals, as well as the structure of the corresponding financial mechanism,” said Denise Bussio, Executive Director of TNC Argentina.

In the period 2010-2018, Cervecería y Maltería Quilmes managed to reduce water consumption by 30%, thanks to its reduction and reuse management. Key factors were the optimization of the processes of packaging, pasteurization, treatment and reuse of water and effluents treated in internal circuits to supply auxiliary services. In addition, environmental training and daily consumption control are the basis of operational management.

Source: Web Retail

Publication Date: 13/03/2019

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