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The Argentines of Ferrari

Did you know that the valves of Ferrari and Mc Laren engines are manufactured by an Argentine company? Basso valves.
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| 07 September, 2019 |

The Ferrari bi-turbo 3.9-litre 8-cylinder V-turbo engine won the Best Engine of the Year Award for the fourth consecutive year. Awarded by UKI Media & Events. That Ferrari engine uses Bassovalves. Argentines.

That’s right. The 32 pieces – 16 intake and 16 exhaust – of the 488 GTB and Spider are produced in Rafaela, Santa Fe. City of the most fierreras in Argentina. No wonder. Nor does the talent of engineers and mechanics of national motorsport achieve such an achievement. To complete the data, the Basso are the heart of a 3.902 cm3 engine, direct injection biturbo, which delivers a power of 670hp at 8.000 rpm.

Basso S.A. Another Argentine pride, also equips the Mc Laren engines. It is not surprising, given that the company has an export culture of years. Based on the quality of its products and its seriousness. In the same way that it is not surprising that they have won the IX Gold Award for Exportadora Excellence, of Banco Galicia and newspaper La Nación. After staying with the category “New Markets”, which rewards the increase in them. Basso exports 86% of its production. This award came, among other things, from the opening of China and India. Where they sell their valves for John Deere’s factories. The largest producer of agricultural machinery in the world.

And there is more: from 2003 he won fourteen awards as “Partner Supplier”. A prize for the best supplier in 2015. And a double entrance to the Hall of Fame every time he achieved the level of “partner” for five consecutive years.

Ferrari’s heart beats for the Argentines!

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