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Selling footwear from jail

On the corner of the prison complex there is a commercial premises that sells the footwear manufactured by prisoners. There are also carpentry and blacksmithing.

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 Mendoza penitentiary service  offers products of its own manufacture.  Persons deprived of their liberty are trained and worked to produce safety shoes, blacksmithing products, carpentry and others.  We spoke to Mauricio Porroyan, head of the Prison Production Unit, and he told us that everything is done through agreements with  private companies  and the work of prisoners.

“We give them the physical space, but they bring the materials and provide the training. We provide labor, which is remunerated.”  Remuneration is deposited into a bank account . Prisoners may choose to leave her there or ask a family member to withdraw her.

Among so many products,  shoes stand out: “ One of our forts are safety shoes. We are providing important entities such as the Municipality of Las Heras, the Mendoza Police, the General Espejo Military School  and we are now participating in a tender to be able to sell it to the Municipality of Luján.”

 Workshops such as blacksmithing, carpentry, wicker and painting are also held in Boulogne Sur Mer  prison  .  However, the public that reaches the trade that is located on the corner of the complex also look for other things: “People come and consult a lot about the jobs in totora.”

The idea is not only for prisoners to work,  but also aims to study : “We seek to create  habits of responsibility . While there are people who are already trained, they take it and, together with the coordination of Treatment and Education, we work together to follow up at work and education.  So, much of the workers we have today also study .”

 Open to the public 

 Products can be found on the website, where there is a   catalog . And they can be seen personally on Boulogne Sur Mer Street and Planta Mura, where there is a salon to display the products that are manufactured.

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Publication Date: 21/06/2020

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