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Search it in times of pandemic

The national economy comes to a pique, but accustomed to crises we are retracting it. We tell you this venture in times of pandemic.

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Rebuscarsela en tiempos de pandemia

You give the Cordovan a fernet vittone and you pass it  like Branca , they say. This is the case of this  family in the north of the province , which was left unproduced in its SMEs due to the  global and national crisis.  In times of pandemic and quarantine, sales are declining, and  family businesses are the most affected.  But these Cordobeses don't let themselves beat.

This is the  Aguilar Benitez family. They reside well to the north of Cordovan, on the border with  Santiago del Estero . Someplace called  Las Chilcas . There they installed a very particular economy model. They are dedicated, through the production of corn, soy and wheat, and livestock raising,  to the distillery . Aguilar Benítez have been working for years with a  circular economy model , in which all  products, by-products and waste are used. In addition, an attempt is made  to have as little waste as possible . They have 8600 hectares of pure work,   sustainability  and ecology. 

The Aguilar Benítez family consists of five brothers who  do not waste anything.  They process pigs manure and feedlot, which generates feed for steers. Burlanda and vinasse are the by-products that come out of this process. Also from this process they obtain water rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and organic matter with which they fertilize the batches. And they have  a biodigester that provides them with biogas  to operate the boiler of the distillery.  A goal! 

 New Dynamics 

In times of pandemic, the economy stopped circulating. They saw themselves in little demand and without work. So  these Cordobeses   went through her  with what was there. It's just that we deal with  whatever haiga.  So they started thinking about  a new project. Feedlot with capacity for 16,000 heads, swine farm and mini alcohol distillery were the resources. The business was there, and they knew how to see it. Production dynamics changed  to focus on obtaining a base input to generate gel alcohol . In times of pandemic,  gel alcohol  is pure gold. The plants that manufacture it are produced in quantities never before reached.

So the Aguilar Benitez family today provides supplies to companies like Porta Hnos. With this new dynamic  they work 84 people . In addition, they continue their circular economy model, combining  food production, inputs and environmental care. 

Publication Date: 17/04/2020

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