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Salvation is in Cordoba

We tell you the story of the only breather factory in Argentina: TECME S.A., located in Córdoba. What is your
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| 29 March, 2020 |

The company TECME SA today is the solution and thesalvation of the whole country . It is located in the Cordoba ring road and is the only provider of respirators in Argentina. Their production, in general, is aimed at export, but they are also national heroes. They have more than a century of experience in developing medical technology. And they sell 80% of their production to more than 50 countries. Also 85% of national therapies have their products.

Therefore, in this situation of health emergency, health minister Ginés González García contacted this industry. Since, being the only suppliers, TECME SA undertakes to supply the province with the necessary inputs.

Faced with the advance of coronavirus, TECME S.A. is in charge of disseminating manuals on disinfection and maintenance of teams distributed in different countries. It is a multinational, which has offices in Buenos Aires and USA, but whose production center is located in Córdoba Capital. TECME S. A. keeps growing . It is a company which not only produces inputs, but also conducts research constantly to improve the quality of the technologies used.

The innovations in medical equipment generated by this company are recurrent. Since 1966 they are committed to life, developing high quality medical technology.

A little bit of history

The current president of the company is Dr. Ernesto P. Mañá, surgeon of thorax. And vice president is Luis R. Mañá, an engineering student who in 1966 encouraged himself to accompany his brother in an investigation. These men, enterprising, intelligent and visionaries, managed to develop mechanical respirators. The main objective was to assist lung ventilation in patients with different types of respiratory failure. And they did, and they even positioned themselves as a leading company in this field.

The Mañá brothers became the saviors of many people. Since they supply the vast majority of hospitals in the country and, in addition, export their products. With the first prototype experiments in animals, in order to improve the project of developing a respirator suitable for humans, the first model was reached. In 1966, the first test of a prototype in a human patient was successfully conducted. It was in the Surgery Service of the Chair of Thisiology and Thoracic Diseases of the National University of Córdoba. And since then, the company managed to save millions of lives and consolidate itself in the market with its new, increasingly technological and efficient models . Today, with a pandemic like COVID-19, having a company of such caliber saves us all.

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