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Royal Class: High Flight Trips

The client is the protagonist for as long as it takes him to arrive at the destination.

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When we have the possibility to choose an executive  flight  , a kind of “air taxi”, traveling to the chosen destination becomes a real pleasure. As possible setbacks linked to delays, cancellations or cumbersome procedures are diluted. By means of a simple phone call, the reservation is made and the plane is at the customer's disposal. That way, it only remains as long as it takes to arrive at our hangar and we will be ready to tackle it. Royal Class is an  Argentine airline , with more than 20 years in the market, offering executive aviation services. Ideal for those who prioritize personalized service, comfort and agility. In addition to the above advantages, we have to add the fact of having the possibility of reaching multiple destinations, without the need to make stopovers or depend on the schedules of the line services. The customer is the protagonist, who chooses where and when to depart, what menu and drinks to taste on board and what needs to cover during the time it takes him to arrive at destination. For each flight, preferences are studied and by virtue of the schedule and characteristics of that trip (whether business or tourism), passengers are offered a very important variety of options  catering  ranging from sushi, roasted meats, fish, pasta, finger food, even kosher options, suitable for  celiacs , vegetarian or vegan. Although one of the most listened myths regarding private flights has to do with costs, they are not always higher than those of traditional aviation; especially considering that here the value is calculated per kilometre traveled. That is, when it comes to a nearby place, and there are several passengers, the value ends up being competent and often, the final budget ends up being more convenient than the one that would be used on a regular flight. All this without thinking about the added value it means to live the “high flight” experience.

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Whatsapp: +5491134488673

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Publication Date: 16/07/2018

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