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Argentina's largest software cooperative, based in Rosario, opened its new offices in Colombia.

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Following a successful participation in the company internationalization program launched by the Argentine Agency for Investment and International Trade (Aaici) in communion with the Agency for Cooperation and Investment (ACI) and Ruta N de Medellín,  Tecso , Argentina's largest software cooperative, headquartered in Rosario and Buenos Aires, opened its new offices in  Colombia .

“We had long been working intensively so that Tecso could land in another country, and while we had experiences working for projects in Mexico, the United States and Europe, this time  we were finally able to settle and fine-up Tecso Colombia , with an office located in Ruta N, an institution that aims to generate the establishment of enterprises in that country that generate quality jobs in areas related to technology, research and energy. This is definitely a milestone for us,” said Ignacio Sanseovich, member of Tecso's Board of Directors in Rosario.

The aim of the  cooperative  is to launch the  new offices  that will have a staff of six people trained in software development and that at first will be added.remotely acute the projects that Tecso has been working on today at the national level.

 What is coming 

“The idea is to hire developers and analysts, positions we need today, and who can collaborate with our team in Argentina. Once we can start working with native clients in Colombia, we aim to double  jobs  and have them lead those new projects,” said Sanseovich.

Ignacio Sanseovich and Cristian Taibbi,  representing Tecso, traveled to Colombia, to complete the formal and legal aspects of the start-up of the new offices in Medellín and also participated in various meetings with potential clients organized in collaboration with the staff of Ruta N.

“We returned to Rosario with strong possibilities to start working for two companies, one in the banking-financial field and the other linked to software development. In both cases we are sure to be able to apply our know-how and extensive experience gained in developments that we have done for large customers in Argentina,” he said.

As a Colombian consultant's search for developers and analysts begins, Tecso is preparing for one of the members of the cooperative to be based in Medellín for a few months to lead the team and be the necessary nexus for the proper articulation of the parties and their projects.

Source:  La Capital 

Publication Date: 19/02/2020

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