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Renner inaugurates in Córdoba

Brazil's largest fashion retail store, Renner, enters the Argentine market by opening two stores in Cordoba. We tell you where.

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Brazil's largest fashion retail store is in Argentina. It opens its first store in the country, located in  Patio Olmos  Shopping, in the central area of the city of Córdoba. Then in the drive of Paseo del Jockey shopping center, in the south area of the municipality. Then, Renner will disembark in Buenos Aires, with two shops on the street.

Renner's presence in Córdoba generated around   120 jobs   in the province. The average investment per store was $4 million. The unit located in Patio Olmos Shopping has two levels. On the 2nd and 3rd floor of the shopping, adding a total 2,5 thousand square meters of total area. On Paseo del Jockey there are also two levels, on the 1st and 2nd floor, with 3.8 thousand m2 of total area. Each store has between  25 thousand and 30 thousand products  available.

Renner's Info

Renner acts with the concept  one stop shop , with women's, men's and children's  clothing  . In addition to accessories and perfumery, to cater to the needs of the whole family. The  mix of products  is made up of its own brands, based on the concept of  lifestyle  . Collections are created by  in-store teams . Inspired by the world's leading fashion  trends  .

 Diverse and sustainable fashion 

 Sustainability  is present in Renner's mission and values. Who believes that fashion should be responsible in the different spheres of  business . From the construction of its stores to the development of the products. In this sense, all collections include garments made from raw materials and processes that generate  less impact on the environment . As  recycled yarn , certified cotton and biodegradable polyamide.

Renner debuted abroad in 2017, when he entered Uruguay. From there, he gained experience in investing and, now, reaches South America's second largest economy.

Renner integrates  Lojas Renner S.A. , a company incorporated in 1965, is listed on B3, the São Paulo stock exchange. Present  throughout the Brazilian territory , Lojas Renner S.A. operates in the country through Renner. It has fashion in  different styles . Today, there are almost  600 network stores  operating   in Brazil and abroad   , of which more than 370 are from Renner.

SOURCE:  Musa 

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Publication Date: 22/12/2019

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