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Reinvent yourself to survive

In times of pandemic, we have to reinvent ourselves to survive and we are experts.

 The world situation  deserves to be renewed, reinvent and, above all, good vibes.  In times of quarantine  and COVID-19, companies are in trouble, as revenue is becoming less and less. However,  Argentines are like this: we adapt to any situation . We're kind of a chameleon in adversity. Out of habit and because we already have a little friends with crises. This is the case of this  company in Devoto, Cordoba.  It is a  cooperative that produces work and sportswear.  And he saw the possibility of directing their production towards the current demand.

The town of Devoto is located in the east of Cordovan, where the  Mutual Devoto Cooperative Group operates. This Group is dedicated to  different areas , which generates jobs for thousands of people. Within this institution there are  different cooperative nuclei  that move the local economy. In the case of the clothing factory, it is the  Cooperativa de Trabajo El Progreso  that carries it forward. This organization is responsible for running a hotel, a gastronomic service, a packaging retriever and this clothing factory.

 A sun in quarantine 

 Sol Sport  produces workwear and sportswear, which gives work to 60 people  . With the  start of the quarantine , this factory closed. However, they managed to reinvent themselves in order to cope with the current situation:  they produce beards and covers.  His productions reach 15 thousand per day. Its product is three-layer, that is,  suitable for use by health center staff.  Covers, which are a little less sophisticated, are today their bedside product. High demand in  times of pandemic  increases production, reaching up to  150,000 units per day.  

They also launched to produce  both and robes.  However, the demand is a lot: so much, that they are not able to cover it. They estimate that in 10 days they could produce  more than four million units of  mouth covers  per month.   A number! 

So, as good Argentines, Sol Sports managers managed to  reinvent themselves to survive.  And they came out barbarian. Again,  cooperative, teamwork , and workers' strength makes a company go ahead.

Photo:  Radio Station 

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