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Increased salaries during quarantine

Nexos Trading is an SME that decided to increase the salaries of its employees by 15%, in the middle of the pandemic. Faced with the crisis, creativity.

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Aumentó los sueldos durante la cuarentena

 Quarantine  serves to take care of us. To be able to cross the pandemic with as few cases of   COVID-19  as possible. However, the current situation has a very difficult contract for the economy, especially in the case of SMEs. But — as always — there is an exception to the rule.  Nexos Trading increased the salaries of its employees by 15% in the middle of the  health emergency .  We tell you what they do.

It is an  SME  that is dedicated to  assembling and producing LED screens . The niche it explodes is a very specific one: the  evangelical churches . In fact, the company was created with the intention of helping churches. Nexos Trading belongs to  Grupo Uno Led,  which is responsible for  marketing  screens with advertising. It all started when a pastor contacted them to buy an LED screen, but could not afford the expense. Then Javier Miranda, the owner of the  company , offered him an extensive  installment plan  with the promissory note firm.

From that moment on,  Nexos Trading did not stop growing . Many pastors began to trust them: they already installed 829 screens in 740 churches in 11 countries. Its fame came abroad and the SMEs had to open subsidiaries in different cities: Barcelona (Spain), Ivory Coast (Africa), Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia), Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Lima (Peru).

The secrets of success

Its secret is  financing . As if it were a  neighborhood business , they appeal to the goodwill of their customers and they get the product without warranty and after signing a few promissory notes. The LED screens were added  promotions  that include chairs for the churches. With the  pandemic , promotions multiplied, resulting in the average sales remaining stable.

In addition, the SMEs have 250 customers who pay a fixed fee. With that, they can pay salaries and fixed expenses. That is why they decided  to reward employees  who are going to work during the quarantine with a  15% increase in  their salaries. They are also making masks to give away at Pirovano Hospital.

A great example that, in the face of the crisis,  creativity  and goodwill bring reward.

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oportunidadTransforming the crisis into an opportunity

Publication Date: 26/05/2020

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