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With the quarantine imposed on the whole country, the bars and canteens of Santa Fe had to reinvent themselves. Delivery and survival.

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Bares delivery

The huge variety and number of bars that currently exist in the city of Santa Fe suffered  a severe setback  with the implementation of the  quarantine , as a result of the spread of the  coronavirus  in Argentina.

Nobility obliges: every trade is in a very delicate situation. But the particularity of the bars is that  they are the sector that gives life the most to the city . They own, par excellence, of the leisure moments of the Santafesinos, who are very salitores.

Before the  president  declared quarantine mandatory, the recommendation to avoid crowds of people was already circulating. But  many bars refused to close . It's understandable: it's for your business, but your  family  has to eat.

What solution did the always original entrepreneurs from Santafesino find you? The  delivery service broke out . From one day to the next, the gastronomic diversity of the provincial capital massively turned to the takeaway area.

Walking through the central streets of Santa Fe, quarantined,  after 20 , is worthy of thriller films. “ There is no soul ,” as they say. At an hour that would normally be peak.Only the kids who pedal working for these new online cadetry services, which are so fashionable, are walking down the street. Sure, they have more work today than ever. The santafesino, who loves to eat outside, did not want to be left without the ricures of the local subtó and began to order, from home, sushi, barbecue, chicken spiedo,  arabic food , Mexican tacos and, of course, all the variety of  pizzas  and  empanadas  .

For the duration of the quarantine, the bright life of  the boulevard corners  must remain off. But the kitchens of such businesses are still on, to feed a quarantined  village  , and not to stop bringing bread home.

Publication Date: 05/04/2020

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