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Presented the first Argentine beer with desalinated seawater

“Oceánica”, as the name of the product, was presented in Mar del Plata.

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The first Argentine beer made from desalinated sea water was presented in the seaside town of Mar del Plata.

“ Oceánica”, as the product name, was presented in Mar del Plata by Fluence Argentina, a company specialized in the Latin American market for solutions in water treatment, recovery and reuse, and Antares, the craft brewery of the seaside town of Buenos Aires. The

Marplatese chemical engineers decided to unite the two companies to implement the project, presented today to the press at the Antares factory: Leo Ferrari and Juan Pablo Rodríguez of Antares, and Alejandro Sturniolo, VP of Marketing and Sales of Fluence Argentina.

Ferrari explained: “Today we started the cooking process of 'Oceánica' in these facilities. And on March 20 and 21, the first tasting and presentation will be held in the middle of the annual seminar of the Latin American Association of Desalination and Reuse of Water (ALADYR) that will be held at the Madero Hotel in the City of Buenos Aires.”
Sturniolo said: “We are happy to be able to carry out this product together, which materializes the commitment of both companies to protect the environment, while making it possible to realize the scarcity of resources through a sustainable alternative.”

“ The process begins in Mar del Plata with the filtration and treatment of water coming from the sea through reverse osmosis, technology that allows to produce saltless water after passing through semi-permeable membranes, thus reducing the environmental impact.”
“ Then, before cooking the must in the brewery, the water is heated up to 80 degrees and, as part of the usual process, it is boiled to pasteurize it,” Sturniolo explained.

Source: Télam

Publication Date: 20/02/2019

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