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“Pilo” Cáceres is the majority partner of California

The renowned California missionary brand ceases to be a family business and a formosignus takes control of the company. We told you how it was.

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At the founding of Supermarkets California, in 1957, nobody thought about the dimensions that this Argentine company was going to reach. A construction and development that took 62 years of work. It started as a home of household appliances, in 1963 it entered the field of supermarkets. California today has seven locations in the city of Posadas and about a thousand workers. The brand has a growth that the hypermarkets that landed in Misiones could not slow down.

It was just over seven years since the Roulet family approved the entry as minority shareholder (43.7%) of Ricardo “Pilo” Cáceres. A Formosan businessman with a similar history in Formosa and chaired the Argentine Federation of Supermarkets and Self-Services.

Cáceres became the largest shareholder in the California Supermercados chain, controlling 79% of the stock composition. The other 20% will remain in the hands of the Roulet family, who knew how to install and build what is today the derin the heading, in Missions.

Cáceres was in Posadas this week as president of the missionary chain. He toured local, the main warehouse and met with the main collaborators in the red earth. “The company did not sale, but changed the shareholder composition,” they said. Cáceres made clear to who was able to see and hold a conversation, that “there will be no change”.

The business group led by Cáceres has a dozen premises in Formosa, between supermarkets and a wholesaler. And acquired, 17 years ago, the firm Impulse in the provinces of Corrientes and Chaco, with 11 stores between them.

The union's response

This meant the retirement of the historic general manager who California had for many years, Javier She coined. From the Employee Center of Commerce of Posadas, the secretary Gumial Agustín Gómezsaid that “in the union there was no communication formal enterprise”. There were only comments on Cáceres's visit to the deposits, the unionist expects a meeting with the businessman, new owner of California.

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Publication Date: 26/01/2020

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