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Yeah, overnight. Because, if you don't reinvent yourself, you went. Do you know what the night bowling Hangar was transformed into to survive?

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¿De la noche a la mañana?

As a result of COVID-19, overnight, millions of people were in need of  reinventing themselves . Change jobs, business and habits. The structures of the modern world began to wobble and achieve balance became a difficult task. However,  in this “pasting volantazos”, Argentines run with advantage . Not only do we possess an impressive CV based on  economic crises , but we are also “scammers” by nature.

 There are many examples of reinventions to argentina . There are  teachers  who, overnight, should have become technology-experts. That of the sudden unemployed, who one day became  youtubers  to survive. And they're doing well! Factories that, without experience, and from one day to the next, began to  produce flocks  crazy. However, this correntino has risen to the category of grand master of reinvention. A status that brings him closer to a sorcerer than to a young businessman.

 Shopping for a bowling 

What three months ago was a popular night bowling on the coast of Correntina today is a  supermarket . Yeah, just like you heard.  Where recently there was dance  music  and recitals, now it is full of gondolas, merchandise and changuitos . How did this happen? Due to the suspension of bowling, recitals and private parties, the result of compulsory social  isolation  . And if the night does not walk, better try with the morning!

The owner of Ganar Supermarkets, Federico Cheme, explained that it was a necessary reinvention to survive. “From May 26 we transformed into a wholesale supermarket until this happens. We have been working quietly, it gives me a little sadness, but  today the job source is the  priority  ,” explained the young entrepreneur.

In this way, the Hangar bowling goes goodbye to the night, giving way to a new reinvention “made in  Corrientes ”.  A change of category difficult to pilot , but that responds to the need and commercial origins of Federico Cheme's firm. “It was a necessary determination to  survive , we return to our origins, which have to do with food supply,” concluded the businessman Correntino. Who, in addition to bowling, runs two more businesses related to the sale of food.

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Una pyme que se reinventa ante la crisisAn SME that reinvents itself in the face of the crisis
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Publication Date: 24/05/2020

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