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OTTAA Project: among the 100 most innovative in the world

OTTAA Project will take the Córdoba flag to Dubai, where Expo 2020 will take place. We tell you what this is about.

Carlos and Hector Costa are the owners of the innovation  company  . And they appreciated the continued accompaniment of the province. It all started when five years ago they started to come up with a  solution to the Alzheimer's disease  suffered by their grandmother. Carlos and Hector Costa did not imagine that OTTAA Project would become what it is today. It is one of the most  outstanding innovative companies  that  generate high impact technology  in the world.

This Alternative Augmentative Communication System is intended for people with speech disabilities. It uses environmental information and artificial intelligence to accomplish its mission. And today it benefits more than 40,000 people from 11 different countries. That's why last year they were  one of 100 companies from around the world  selected as the  most innovative  . So you will have the opportunity to participate in Expo 2020 in Dubai. Where the universal exhibition will celebrate the spirit of collaboration under the motto  “Connecting minds, creating the future”. 

 From Cordoba and to the world 

OTTAA Project holders will travel to Dubai. There will be the conference where the guidelines to be implemented next year at  Expo 2020 will begin. For this meeting, Carlos and Hector Costa asked Manuel Calvo, Secretary of Communications and Connectivity of the province, for a flag of Cordoba. The order has two fundamental reasons. On the one hand, show the world and l pride they feel for being Cordoba.  And, on the other hand, make clear the gratitude to the provincial government, for the accompaniment they received in these years.

“Along this way, we always received the support of the province: we had several funding, which were crucial to obtaining resources. And when, 20 days ago, we were robbed and taken absolutely everything and we were about to close the company. The first to contact for officials of the province. That is why we want to tell the world that we are proud to be Cordoba,” said Carlos Costa.

To learn more about OTTAA Project, you can visit their  website  or find them on their  social media  accounts.

We hope that these projects with an inclusive perspective will continue to grow. And that more and more  Argentines are recognized  for our contribution to the community.

SOURCE:  InfoMymes

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