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Only the listener understands the life of us

If we can use all available technology and global knowledge to get closer to our neighbors, we could create more goods that help everyone.

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In the film "The Lives of Others" Captain Gerd Wiesler - a German STASI spy - who signed his reports HGW XX/7, used technology to hear and spy on everything others did, and for many years his life meant nothing, but one day he is chosen to watch over the well-known playwright Georg Dreyman and his girlfriend, the actress Christa Maria Sieland. Only after several days of hearing them, his life is inadvertently transformed because it was enough for a part of him who did not know his reason, something he hears captures his soul... and he stops hearing them... and begins to listen to them, a necessary condition for our emotional involvement, and in this attentive listening of the heart of the other, it is when the others stop being "the others" and become "us" that Wiesler finds, at that moment, his personal reason for existence! Just because he stops hearing and starts listening. He was then able to understand, from the hands of his persecuted people, the value of true friendship, listening to the love and commitment with which the theatre director Albert Jerska composed the "Sonata for a Good Man" for the birthday of his friend Georg Dreyman. And so, the STASI agent listens... and is moved... and is moved... by the deep love... of Dreyman and Christa, after which, he becomes deeply involved, because he feels that they are authentic beings and lovers of a full life, that he had never perceived, nor felt, and that now his heart can grasp when beating at the same frequency. He necessarily begins to love them and defend them in secret, as if they were already his inner circle. His change is finally noticed and his help is rewarded, when years after the fall of the wall, Wiesler, with a new life and a poor but dignified work, was walking down the street with his delivery cart, when he discovers, in the window of a bookstore, a great promotional photograph of Dreyman's book entitled "Sonata for a good man". Moved by curiosity, he enters the bookstore and opens a copy. To his surprise, in the Dreyman dedication he only wrote: "To HGW XX/7, in gratitude! Thrilled to tears, he gives the bookcase to collect the money and the bookseller asks him: "Do I wrap it as a gift?" And the film ends with a happy smile from Wiesler, who with a double play of words answers "It's for me!!" and thinks: "It's for me!" and thinks: because he tells about our life, but he doesn't tell the bookseller, because it's his secret. When the relationship is deep, the intention does not need words, it is known with any acronym, look or gesture. It was not enough to get involved and give, it was necessary to receive that dedication, for Wiesler to feel that he was now hyper-communicated with a new, real and true friend, Dreyman. It is not enough to watch the film, it will be necessary to understand the profound message it gives us for those of us who love Marketing with a capital letter. If we can use all available technology and global knowledge to be closer to those who really need us, our neighbor, which means close, we could create more goods that help everyone and allow us to understand that, we cannot have "a million friends" just by connecting with "the others", without allowing ourselves an intimate connection and intense reflection, involving our whole being, that helps us develop our own personality, safe and real. With the Emerald Oceans of Marketing, we can then navigate to the depth of our essence, to find the reason for our existence, because sometimes I realize that I just want to share a special moment with my true friends, because "shared life is more" knowing that happiness is not a possession, it is a state of the soul, and this state is necessary to be enthusiastic about doing certain things, that will not increase our economic heritage, so "there are things that are priceless" because they necessarily increase our emotional capital. Finally, we will have understood that it is not enough to worry about hearing "The life of others", it is necessary to be aware and to be hyper-connected with the happiness that gives us to feel "the taste of meeting" with those who will now belong to "the Life of us".  

Publication Date: 11/08/2018

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By: sybila 14 August, 2018

muy buena nota! me encanta esa peli!!!!

By: Marcos A Sánchez 15 August, 2018


By: Paola 17 August, 2018

Excelente! no he visto la película pero me llamó bastante la atención! ya se que haré este fin de semana largo!


Excelente, increíble, otra visión, me encanto!

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