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More than 100 years of metallurgical history

IMPSA is a true tradition in Mendoza's economic history. His contributions to the world metallurgy have weighted our province.

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Mendoza is internationally known for its tourist values and its wines. However,  the international industrial sector also weighs Mendoza for its contributions to the  metallurgical industry  . And basically, those contributions were made, made and made by IMPSA.

 Every Mendoza has a friend or family member who once worked at IMPSA.  It is that the  company  not only employs qualified engineers, but obviously must also cover simpler positions such as serene, master, administrative and other types of professionals. Thus, the company specializing in metallurgical solutions has become a kind of large family. And every time the news says that “a turbine manufactured in IMPSA will be exported to remote countries of the planet,” like  Mendoza , we are proud.

 Your story 

 The origins of IMPSA date back to 1907 , when Enrique Epaminondas Pescarmona founded his metallurgical workshops in Mendoza for the manufacture of spare parts made of iron casting material, equipment for the  wine industry , gates for irrigation channels and metallurgical in general.

 In 1965, the name IMPSA was adopted , acronym for Industrias Metalúrgicas Pescarmona S.A.I.C. and F., with which the  company  founded at the beginning of the century is followed, and isundertakes the design and construction of large steel structures and electromechanical equipment.

During the  1980s and 1990s, the company became a global benchmark in the construction of port cranes and hydroelectric power plants under “turnkey” mode.  IMPSA consolidates itself in the  energy  market as a developer of hydroelectric projects, obtaining two important contracts under the  B.O.T. (Build Operate and Transfer) modality:   Potrerillos ,  in Argentina, and CBK, in the Philippines. Research on wind energy begins. 

From that moment on, he did not stop working on energy developments, awarding majestic works throughout the  planet , such as in Venezuela or Malaysia, for example.

 For the Mendoza 

As explained, for us, IMPSA is one of the  most important companies  in our history. It went from being a metallurgical workshop to becoming a world leader in energy manufacturing. Therefore, when you travel the Rodríguez Peña lane, looking closely at the company's facilities when passing through its entrance becomes an unavoidable activity.

 We suggest you continue reading the following notes: 

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Publication Date: 19/06/2020

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