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Mom Witch undertakes

We tell you a story of a love that undertakes. This couple met in Peru, invested US$1000 in Traslasierra and set up a business that exports cosmetics to the world.

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Mamá Bruja emprende

 This is another bet, made with love and passion.   This is the entrepreneurship  of Australian Katie Carroll and Cordovan Sebastián Pavese  . A small business that was born  from a love story  and a moment of pain for the loss of a pregnancy.  La Mama Bruja  produces natural cosmetics in Villas las Rosas, a Cordovan village in Traslasierra. Not only has it produced and sold in Cordovan territory for more than five years, but also online. Thus, this couple comes to different parts of the world.   They have a line of 50 items, all chemical-free.  

The meeting

Katie and Sebastián  met in Cuzco, Peru, back in 2008 .  “ We fell in love, we traveled together, we went to our countries, we didn't see each other for four years;  we met again  in Argentina   and stayed together   , “  says Katie from Australia. The couple went to visit the young lady's relatives on the island, but they were stranded more than a year ago by the pandemic. He has a return date for April.  They are dads from Mali, seven years old, and Indigo, four.    “ He had bought a little land in Traslasierra and we thought we were going there for a while.   We've been seven years now and our company.”    Mom Witch started as a small love project, but today it is a full-fledged company  that  supports a whole family.   

Love after love

With Mali of only two years,  Katie had an ectopic pregnancy  (the fetus was formed outside the uterus) and after that experience sought an activity to meet again.  “ I started studying plants, looking for health around;   I wanted to meet myself as a woman, as a 'witch'   and  started to produce  for the family and friends”.  As the results were positive, everyone encouraged her to go to the Villa Las Rosas fair, an unmissable meeting on Tuesdays and Thursdays for those who walk in the area. They were, but she - a journalist - insisted that she preferred to continue writing. “ We did so well that we kept doing and selling and I found it was the ideal job, with nature,  with other women entrepreneurs.  The best thing I've done in life.”   On the first day of the fair they sold  all the products  they carried (which were sixty!).  

Bet on more

 Success was imminent and the couple decided to invest all their savings.   They were approved about U$S1000 that would go straight to grow the entrepreneurship. They left $143 on the account. They then asked for $10,000 from relatives to produce and process authorizations from Anmat.  “ We weren't ready to have that much growth; we reinvested everything. We only separated for food; a year I got pregnant and we moved on.”  And they continued. The project today is  fully positioned on the market  and works  with stability.  

Mom Witch, everything heals

 The production includes  infusions, creams, perfumes, facial oils, balms and soaps. Aromatic balms are, from the very beginning, the most popular products.  Each is developed with an intent and a healing property:  Pure head, for stress relief; Free body, for muscle discomfort; Miracles, for skin irritation; Sweet dreams, relaxing; Thyme, for respiratory discomfort.

Mom Witch undertakes

Mom today

With the unexpected and mandatory stay in Australia, Sebastian joined a renowned  laboratory of cosmetics products  volcá nicos and tea-tree oils ,  while Katie continues in the distance with La Mama Witch:   “To work from home you need a 'equipazo' and we have it.   I have full faith in them. Communication is essential and we have it thanks to technology; we continue to build community. An extra challenge is to learn to disconnect, not always be in front of the computer; it's part of what we say with our line.”  

We all trust Mama Witch!

Publication Date: 03/03/2021

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