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In the United States, father and son launched Milonga, the first yerba mate with CBD, the non-psychoactive chemist of marijuana plants.

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A business project, a way of sharing culture, an innovation in yerba mate. There are many components of this new brand that launched in the United States a Syrian-Argentine and his son. It is Milonga, the first yerba mate with cannabidiol (CBD), the non-psychoactive chemical found in marijuana plants.

Samer Atassi was born in Syria, but lived since the year in Argentina. He grew up in Buenos Aires and here he became Argentine. With everything that implies. Among other things, love for mate. After high school, he emigrated to the United States, where he lives to this day. Shadi is his son, American by birth, but porteño by soul. He is a professional footballer and had his time in Boca Juniors. At the time during which he lived in our country, he also fell in love with mate.

Father, son and passion for mate came together in a great idea, with the legalization of consumption of CBD products in the United States. Milonga is the first organic yerba mate with CBD, made in an American laboratory in high temperature ovens.

The beginning of a success

Like any business, the first batch of production was limited: 200 packages. In less than two weeks, they flew out of their hands. They were with a second amount, this time of 1500 units (about 600 kg). They're gone. A month later, they're producing a third batch.

What caught their attention most was that the customers were mostly Americans. It happens that Argentines or Uruguayans know mate, but not the benefits of CBD. Americans, on the other hand, do not know what mate is, but they are used to consuming cannabidiol products. The intention of the founders of Milonga is precisely to unite both worlds: to teach to take mate and to spread the advantages of CBD.

For this, they imported mattes and bulbs from Argentina and Uruguay. How do Americans consume it if they don't have these utensils? They use the French press (the method of coffee makers). That's why Atassi not only want to sell weed with CBD, but also the experience of mate and everything that comes with. Values, traditions, experiences, shared moments. For that, they will launch a blog with tips, tips and tutorials. Because mate is culture, it's ritual, it's friends, it's family.

Will it reach Argentina? Maybe someday . At the moment, consumption of CBD in the country is illegal. Milonga, for now, will dance in other lands

Publication Date: 08/07/2020

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