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Mate a lo cordoba

The history of the yerba born in Córdoba that overcrowded the recipe of mate to the Cordobés. CBSé was in charge of internationalizing this regional infusion.

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 The cordovan mate is iuieau.  The wine is  priteau , and the  ferné , don't bring it to me  coqueau!  This is our reality, we  tune everything: we  put a little bit of  our creativity.   Especially if it is food and infusions .     Since the birth of  Cordoba's popular culture ,  serrano yuyos  are essential in our mate. While elsewhere they send him chucker or sugar, in Cordoba  we send him  yuyito. Donkey, peperine, yedron, mint, good grass,  want more?  Everything that gives an interesting gustito to the  favorite infusion of all Argentines  is welcome.

 In 1978,  a Cordovan family saw the business in spreading this  province's custom . They start with a yerba production company, which launches  the first compound yerba in Argentina : Hierba Serranas. This is the big  CBSé company, which grew over the years. He crowded the recipe and  the secrets of mate a lo Cordobés.  This company is founded in San Francisco and is extending its business  throughout the Argentine territory.  Mate with yuyos is a success! Thus, this company producing yerba, reaches different areas and provinces, generating its  registered trademark of herbas with aromatic herbs.  For example, it launches its line with herbs from the Fertile Valley of San Juan. Among others.

 Donkey, peperina and other flavors born in Córdoba 

To redouble the bet, they launch other new products. For example, a novelty that arises by paying attention to the  Santafesino-Cordobese interculturality , since its production plant is located on the border  between Santa Fe and Córdoba.  It is the  flavored yerba , ideal for tereré and delicious for a few renewing mattes. Grapefruit, lemon, orange and coffee flavors, begin to be common in the mattes of Argentina. Thus, with different products,  and like all Cordobés, using creativity,  CBSé launches several products inspired by  the traditions of each space  in Argentina.

What generates the recognition of this venture that today is a great company is  the dissemination of mate to the Cordobés . A fusion of serrana herbs  that make any matte wave  . And that make bitter a delight. Cordovan mate, well iuieau, is a national success.

Publication Date: 22/06/2020

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