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Making strength not to fall

Not being able to work because of quarantine, gyms are looking for other options to survive the lack of income.

This year, an unexpected scenario took us all by surprise. Life gave a sharp brake and, for some, that meant the complete loss of economic income. This is the case of   gyms   —both of the neighborhood and the big chains —, who needed to look   alternative sources for raising money.  

Those who regularly train, after a while, began to feel the lack of endorphins in their body. So, two needs were found. The members of the gyms began to look for ways to access equipment to train at home. The owners, they rented everything they could to make up for the missing income. Some, even, are selling the gadgets.   From bars, discs, dumbbells, kettlebells and mats to fixed spinning bikes, everything is worth when it comes to staying on the move.   And to survive the pandemic.

In addition, from the rental of equipment, the gyms took other measures to alleviate this crisis. First of all, the   future sale of face-to-face fertilizers   , so that customers can dampen a little the weight of the increases that are sure to come. Secondly, the   selling tickets for classes by Zoom   - a way to have the teacher “at home”, but at a distance. Finally, the package was completed when they started renting the equipment.

  Empty gyms and, now, something dismantled   : another of the images produced by this quarantine that — we hope — will end as best as possible for businesses and businesses.

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