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Mabb: Argentine nanotechnology for the world

Mabb manufactures small parts for dental implants. The company was born with one goal - to enter the world with
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Mabb fabrica piezas pequeñas para implantes dentales
| 22 September, 2019 |

Specializing in something small and adding value to it. That was the first step. The second one? Throw it into the world. That is a summary of the history of Mabb, an Argentine firm specializing in nanotechnology and bioengineering.

Mabb manufactures small parts for dental implants. The company was born 12 years ago with one goal: to enter into the world with high value-added products. And they did.

The firm was founded by Daniel Miguez and Santiago Badran. Today it exports pieces of a ceramic material called zirconia yttria to different countries, such as Mexico and Turkey. The road to the export, however, was not easy at first.

The firm’s partners noted the company on a Chinese e-commerce platform, where they were contacted by a Nigerian who invited them to participate in a tender. Once they arrived at the final, they were asked money in advance to pay the registration fees of the project. Fortunately, the partners asked for advice from the consulate Argentine, who found out that it was a mafia system.

This is why Susana Gómez, country manager of Mabb, recommends that other exporters have a team of qualified professionals who can carry out a mission of this magnitude.

Fortunately, the initial hurdle was overcome and, today, the firm continues to grow. The goal for this year is to market some 50,000 implant systems. In the long term, the stakes are higher: the company plans to build plants in Europe and TheUnited States to be able to integrate better into the world.

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