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Livestock in Tierra del Fuego

How does livestock work in the southernmost corner of the world? We tell you the problems, challenges and opportunities for the Argentine livestock sector.

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Tierra del Fuego

Livestock farming in Tierra del Fuego is not an easy task. It represents challenges, constraints, but also opportunities. Originally the establishments were purely sheep. However, currently, most ofRio's smallest stands Big south, they went to cattle. Today on the island there are about 45,000 cattle in total stock when 10 years ago it was about 15,000.

Danger, dogs out of control!

In Tierra del Fuego, the lack of water or the quality of soils is not a problem. The problems are fattening and short summer times. This is from fields cleared of snow and ice, from late September to April.

Asilvestrated dogs represent another problem out of control. Already in 1998 the canines began to attack sheep. Many farmers made the decision to increase the stock of bovine bellies instead of raising sheep.

Another difficulty is that in Tierra del Fuego it takes almost 3 years to produce animals of 450 to 500 kilos. In addition, if you want to resort to food beyond the grassland, costs are higher. Because, to buy corn, balanced or bales, you have to do it outside the island.

In the forests that form the landscape of the region there may be a supply of grass. However, depending on how the winter is presented, this offer will be cancelled or not. That's why, just in case, for the winter you have to have a collection of grass.

Land of Opportunity

This corner of the end of the world has its advantages. “There is no vaccine against foot-and-mouth, carbuncle or brucellosis here. At weaning you apply to deworming from vice so as not to lose habit of the syringe. No flies, lice, fleas, ticks, nothing.” These are the words of a local producer. Another advantage is pregnancy rates, up to 89% with general rodeo and 68% with insemination.

Tierra del Fuego presents difficulties for livestock farming, but it is also a land of opportunity. There is a bovine breed that is gaining ground. Sun name is Hereford. The first Hereford on the island entered in 1956 when the Argentine Navy brought some specimens on ships. Not a few farmers see this breed an opportunity for their stays. Herefords are characterized by issues that give them added value. Meekness, adaptability to the environment, ability to fatten and maternal quality.

Publication Date: 07/08/2020

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