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La Serenísima: a symbol of Argentine quality

How can we not distinguish between the leading companies, that of Don Pascual Mastellone?

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How can we not distinguish between the leading companies of our country that of Don Pascual Mastellone, son of Antonino, an immigrant founder of what would then be the mother company of the national dairy industry?How not to remember the house-by-house distribution, trade by trade, of milk in green glass bottles, the first pasteurized?Who hasn't visited the plant in Gral Rodríguez? The aim of the company, by opening the doors of its plant to the general public, is that everyone can know the process of the products from the very origin.Who does not remember the single “la calidad” and those commercials of Pancho IbáñezA company that, present in our country since 1929, is more valid than ever. Many years have passed, but it still retains the quality attribute and today we want to pay tribute on our site that has managed to transcend and coexist with us since, practically, always...

Publication Date: 22/12/2018

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