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La Martina: an admirable model of what we would like to be

Talking about La Martina is not talking about a “polo brand” but about the polo itself.

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To define   La Martina   , we must be involved in several concepts that have made it a reference in our culture. First, point out that it gathers several attributes that have allowed it to transcend the local market and go after the search for an elite positioning to become an icon of trajectory, success and values that causes great inspiration and, if allowed, an admirable model of what we would like to be.

Talking about  La Martina  is, in a way, talking about our roots, tradition, family, countryside, horses and, above all, the passion of polo as a sport. In fact, perhaps it is not just a “polo mark” but the polo itself.

Obviously, we also talk about lifestyle, elegance, fashion and the most prestigious shops located in many of the world's big cities.

In their business structure, they are not only engaged in fashion: they also develop events and managed to design a network organization that brings together the promotion of good practices of this noble sport.

Publication Date: 24/12/2018

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