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International beers that are well santafesinas

Santa Fe is recognized as the land of beer. Several international brands chose Cervecería Santa Fe to produce their own
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| 11 January, 2020 |

On the first Friday of August each year, International Beer Day is celebrated in many parts of the world. Its origin dates back to 2007 and was first held in the city of Santa Cruz, California . Since then, the celebration has been held in more than 200 cities in 50 countries.

Santa Fe is known as a land ofbrewers and that’s why severalinternational brands have chosen Santa Fe brewery to be brewed in Argentina . Dutch Heineken and Amstel, Mexican Soland American Millerleave every day, across the country, from Santa Fe.

“ We have two great strengths: unmatched water quality and quality brewers . That combination made these 4 brands choose us to produce exactly the same beers that succeed in many countries of the world , “says Marcelo Scotta , Deputy Manager of Quality of the company. He added: “For many years all beers produced in Cervecería are made from a 100% natural process , that is, without additives or preservatives of any kind: only water, cereals and hops, which ensures very superior quality beers . “

With the recent addition of Miller GenuineCraft last year, the company became the first brewer in the world in develop so many leading international brands in one place.

Budweiser will no longer be manufactured in Santa Fe

In the context of recent changes in thebrewing industry nationwide, North AmericanBudweiser will no longer be part of the company’s portfolio of international brands and will no longer be manufactured in our city . The brand has remained like a beer from ABI, the company that produces the Quilmes beer in Argentina .

The secret to developing the best brands of the world

It is known that Santa Fe has a deep brewing tradition that brings together a true passion for the quality of its beer . To achieve this, we have one of the most modern breweries in South America and the comparative advantage of having qualitywater is key to making a good beer.

In this sense, the Paraná River, which is characterized by its soft water, with low iron content and without heavy metals (which is the most oxidized beer), provides properties unbeatable for the industry brewery. These qualities of water used in Santa Fe have a remarkable resemblance to those found in the Pilsen region of the Czech Republic, world-renowned for its Beers.


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