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I lived the Brooklyn Fitboxing experience

Brooklyn Fitboxing, the chain of gyms of “Maravilla” Martinez, offers a unique experience in the training field.

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Viví la experiencia de Brookling Fitboxing

Sergio “Maravilla” Martínez owns the gym franchises in Argentina   Brooklyn Fitboxing   . A training experience that combines movements of   boxing, kickboxing   and muay thai in professional bags, with functional training intervals for a complete workout. Exercise that is done accompanied by a selection of exclusive music specially prepared for you to maintain motivation throughout the class.


Su   exclusive technology   Patented allows real-time monitoring of your synchronization, strength and calorie burning during your workout. Thanks to the score system installed in each bag. And not only does it help to train much better, but allows you to fight against yourself. Or against other people around the world competing in the Brooklyn League and the annual championships.

The training

Sessions last 47 minutes from start to finish. Each training has a selection of   specially prepared music   to keep motivation full and every hit is synchronized with the music. 10 minutes of warm-up and 8 rounds of   boxing and kickboxing movements   in the bag. Combined with 8 rounds   functional training   high intensity. Using a mix of dumbbells, medicated balls and bodyweight exercises to help you perform a full exercise. The session ends with 5 minutes back to calm with full stretches. 47 minutes and 1000 calories later, you'll notice the energy so you can face the rest of your day.

Brookling Fitboxin

The training is   led by a coach   qualified and certified by Brooklyn. Supported by an audiovisual system to get the most out of your class. As in a video game, I got the highest score, win in your “District” or become the “Hero of the Day” of your Brooklyn Fitboxing center.

For more motivation, Brookling Fitboxin allows you to   train with other members   . Whether they're in your own gym or anywhere else in the world. It's a unique experience.

The big difference

This interactive high-intensity workout turns your body into   a machine prepared to burn calories   . Your metabolism will be enhanced in the next 48 hours with the calorie burning effect after exercise as a result of exercises at intensive intervals. Reaching a 90% score you'll be burning almost 1000 calories in 47-minute sessions. Fun combinations to the rhythm of music, the opportunity to learn boxing and kickboxing techniques every day, and our scoring system will keep you always active and eager to enjoy your next Brooklyn session again.



Boxing, music, game, equipment, disconnection... It is the basis of the   fun   in Brooklyn. Once you enter the game system, you can choose to compete against yourself or against other fitboxers from other centers around the world. Let the fun begin!

“Wonder” tells us that for now the gyms are in Buenos Aires (Barrancas, Barrio Norte, Belgrano, Las Cañitas, Palermo and Recoleta). But no doubt they will be long to open headquarters throughout the country, it is an excellent, fun and proven effective training.

Best of all, go to Brooklyn Fitboxing Instagram and if you name you have a 30% discount on biannual plans for new customers (limited places).  

Publication Date: 16/09/2020

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