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Missionary pets already have their own store with healthy, sustainable and chemical-free products. Good for them!

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With the slogan “Now you can really choose the best for your pets,” opened  Natural Pet , the first health pet food store. The entrepreneurship is 100% focused on the health and well-being of the beloved animals and on the care of the environment.

Puppies and missionary mininos, for the first time in their history, will have the possibility to taste all kinds of natural products.  From canola oil for  dogs , to fresh meat snacks without TACC . Thanks to this new diet, man's best friends will see how his health improves day by day. Less colic and stomach ulceration, less tartar and better breath. The little animals of the red earth will now look like real English knights!

 A healthy animal is a happy animal 

Caring, pampering and even spoiling our pets is a worldwide trend that came to stay. They are no longer just “animals living at home”, but they are considered part of the family. Sometimes even more than that! Today we say that dogs and  ga  t  You have to eat, play and go for a walk.  But we also want them to be happy, healthy, knowledgeable, and much more. Just like humans!

We all know: a good diet entails healthy and happy animals. Therefore, missionary entrepreneurs committed to this healthy and sustainable initiative.  The idea, they say, is to offer products that do good to pets without adverse effects . Free of artificial by-products, artificial dyes, artificial preservatives and artificial flavorings As well as hygiene products based on natural extracts and environmentally friendly accessories.

“ We all say that our pets become part of our family; that's more: many people the only family they have is their pet . All the more reason they care about giving it the best in food, as well as in hygiene. It is essential to avoid artificial by-products and additives in edibles that are degrading their health,” said one of the creators of Natural Pet.

Publication Date: 06/08/2020

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