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Home Argentine “There is a ghost in Argentina that you can't bet on a sustainable company”

“There is a ghost in Argentina that you can't bet on a sustainable company”

“Education is the only one that mobilizes social classes.”


A humble cadet from the south of the conurban came to director of his own company. Jorge Fullone, director of Sefinpol SA, one of the five leaders in the thermofusion spout sector, recalls the story of a state-of-the-art company based on “professionalism and strategy from 2009 onwards. Our fundamentals are to be a company that tries to harmonize with society, with employees and the environment. There is a ghost in Argentina that you can't bet on a sustainable company of this kind,” he says. And as his north “in a country where everyone tries to take advantage,” he says resigned, Fullone argues that “we are governed by the idea of justice. And for me, the big problem of us is the lack of justice. We can't decide what is fair because of what happens to us every moment,” he lates.University teacher more than 20 years ago, and father of two teenage children, recalls the sacrifices as a young man when he “traveled by bus to Lomas station, then train to Constitución and then subway with combinations until Palermo to enter cadet before 8. And at night I went to the University of Lomas de Zamora. I was never late for any work or class.” That same spirit of work and study inspires Sefinpol SA, a Fullone partnership with Guillermo Sívori and Guillermo Etchechoury, as a 3000 tonnes/year national capital factory for the reDeco product mix, offering internships to secondary and university students more training continues to its employees in the conviction that “education is the only one that mobilizes social classes”.

Publication Date: 24/08/2018

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By: Marcos A Sánchez 24 August, 2018

Woooow..!!! Esta es de esas notas que merecen un marco! Los felicito!! Da gusto leer y ver gente bien preparada, honesta, sacrificada, que valora y que desde su lugar ofrece una mirada distinta de la Argentina que queremos.

By: Braulio Seijas 18 September, 2018

Excelente felicito a ese gran gerente, soy Braulio Seijas, Venezolano, residenciado en argentina, me gustaria ser evaluado para ver la posibildad de formar parte de ese predilecto proyecto,, mi correo podre enviar el correo

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