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Guadalupe García Mosqueda and his pure creative freedom

Exclusive interview with the creative director and founder of several Argentine gastronomic projects that give a twist to the conventional.

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Guadalupe was born in Belgrano (CABA), is 35 years old and is the creative director of several Argentine gastronomic projects.

He finished his film career, started working in advertising producers and hated him. He needed to become independent from his family, so he started with gastronomy, because he needed the money. He trained in other cities such as Los Angeles, London, Cuba and Barcelona. But he never worked in other countries.

He says that long-term decisions cannot be made in Argentina because there is an uncertainty about “How the dollar is going to affect you. “and makes it clear that another difficult thing is labor trials, very common in this area.


  > Pablo Rivero, Don Julio
> Thamesis Group, Pedro Peña and German Sitz
> Panorama Store, Maria Lee
> Fueguia, Julian Bedel
> Matias Riccitelli, winemaker

All his projects stand out for the artisanal spirit, the care of detail. From communication, speech, images, experience, music to food. Always seeing that they can improve (and that is noticeable).
While they are now a full with   Orno   , Guadalupe takes a moment to tell us about each of his projects...

On   Gastronomic home mix  
It started in 2010, she defines them as a group of people from various fields who jointly create and operate gastronomic projects.

    “We work within a creative ecosystem: cooks, designers, entrepreneurs, actors, philosophers, landscapers, architects, artisans, among many others. We are all unique pieces of a puzzle that is enriched with differences in character and profession. This synergy produces a result that always exceeds the sum of individual yields: one plus one makes three. “

Turning on the   ORNO:  

They created a space that reigns to the traditional elements of pizzerias with topical and cunning. Pizza is tradition and break. They learned from those who brought it from Italy and made it their own, with the original contribution of Argentine soil. They use the best raw material of the field, worked with their own hands and transformed by impact of the furnace, at almost 500 degrees.

    “Respectful of memory, daring contemporary and with a dream of the future. Handcrafted and digital. We are a pizzeria proud to be Argentinean. “

The essence of   Cavia House  
A house that brings together restaurant, publisher, bookshop and flower shop. It was built in 1927 by Norwegian architect and artist Alejandro Christophersen, a benchmark of eclectic architecture and was carefully restored to transform into what it is today: a return to the wonders of   Belle Epoque   of Buenos Aires in permanent dialogue with contemporaneity. A meeting place between architecture, books, food and flowers.

    “I called local talents and turned them into hosts. Ana Mosqueda (in the direction of the publishing house Ampersand), Juliet Caruso (commanding the kitchen team) Camila Gassiebayle (in the flower shop Blumm Flower Co.) and Stephania Kallos (in charge of the original restoration). Five women working together bringing together food, books, flowers and design. “

The real taste of   MEAT  
Carne is a project driven by Mauro Colagreco's desire to return to its roots, to his homeland to the essence of his cuisine and share the culinary experience gained over his years abroad, in order to produce a burger of universal appeal. That's why all products have a story to tell.

  “In each choice, we look for producers to produce an excellent product, with environmental and social responsibility and with artisanal spirit; privileging in this choice projects of origin and great social impact, trying to promote the producer and rooted in their land. ntilde; or. “

The secrets of   Pablo's Bakery  
A restaurant with a Buenos Aires identity and Mediterranean techniques, which always uses local products of superior quality. Pablo Massey rescues the best of Buenos Aires culture and feeds on universal gastronomic creations, giving a modern and cosmopolitan approach to our traditions.

    “Fresh vegetables, selected meats, eggs and country chickens, sea and river fish. Our bread and pasta are homemade, and the menu is seasonal. “

Details in   The Open Events And Floor Three  
Abierto Eventos is an event hall with park in the middle of the city. Piso Tres is a rooftop in the historic center. Both have Pablo Massey's cuisine and the possibility of hiring the best suppliers of ambience, technical and artistic.

When we ask   Who would you appreciate your support from the beginning to today?   He responded safely:

    “To my father. My partner and my friend. We grew up together in this world, from knowing absolutely nothing to now having learned a little more, together we bake, organize, work hard and grow. We grew up together because he bets on my ideas as crazy as they sound at first, he believes them, understands them and invests in the quality of each product. Besides, he organizes us as a team. He demands us all the time. “    

To our surprise: she says that “All countries are in crisis”, but she chooses to try to start in Argentina because it financially suits...

  “For me the important thing about being an entrepreneur is to do something different. If you're going to do something like the rest, without a badge, don't do anything. I'm tired of seeing a row of strings all the same, which say the same phrases, try to please and be politically correct with motivational phrases, but who at the same time have bitter, exploited employees and who feel nothing about the brand. “  

Publication Date: 21/06/2019

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