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From Chaco monitor the country

Sise is a Chaco security and technology company, which has the ability to monitor and ensure immediate responses across the country.

 Sise  is an Argentinean company with its headquarters in the city of Resistencia since 2010. It provides electronic security services, communications and technology developments. It has a solid infrastructure and professional and technical operational capacity between engineers and electronic technicians. In addition, all this is accompanied by great expertise of IT personnel, allowing them to provide end-to-end solutions, ranging from technologies to  security  and communications to server line assembly or electronics developments. Everything it proposes, is based on the needs of each client. It has a wide variety of security solutions tailored to your needs. They specialize in turnkey integral solutions, ensuring with 3 years warranty all facilities. SISE is also counting on a complete after-sales service.

 The services 

The company provides the widest solutions in monitoring and alarms for four ways of communication (telephone, radio, GPRS and Internet). They develop satellite tracking of goods, vehicles, people and animals. Also with remote management of building sites such as warehouses, companies, buildings, among others.

 The development of SISE 

In 2017 he established more than 12 communications towers. This allows them to provide camera transmission services without relying on a third party for an  internet connection. Coverage with local communications infrastructure is 60 km radial. Expanding to remote sites like Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil, Spain.

From Chaco they managed to build the only exclusive private network for high performance security throughout the NEA region. This creates a digital ring in the metropolitan area of the city of  Resistencia . The scope of the chaco company is not provincial. This network is connected in real time with a central technology operations and monitoring. It has the ability to observe hundreds of private security cameras installed in different locations 24 hours.

Source:  Chaco day by day 

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