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El Faro, beach bar

El Faro - Beach Bar is a business project that takes place in El Cadillal Dam, in Tucumán. It combines technology, tourism and gastronomy.

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El Faro, bar de playa

Tucumán is full of paradisiacallandscapes, places that become unforgettable for tourists. El Cadillal Dam is one of those places and, in recent years, the site is being promoted to exploit it as a tourist resource. Adventures, crossings, walks, everything you can imagine is there, but sitting down for coffee can also be unforgettable. A possible experience at the tables of El Faro - Beach Bar.

El Cadillal Dique has been renovated and now has El Faro, a different and innovative gastronomic proposal. The main attraction is the direct view of El Cadillal Dam. It is located meters from the beach within the Complejo Puerto Argentino.

This is the first part of this project. Entrepreneurs who have the concession will be able to offer the same experience at the Floating Gate. The innovative thing about El Faro - Beach Bar is the system of shades and umbrellas with solar chargers. In Tucumán the sun is hitting strong, and what better way to take advantage of and transform that energy.

Technology in the middle of paradise

Tourists who enjoy some local dish, a soda or a coffee, can charge their cell phones in the USB ports of each table, as well as enjoy the unique view offered by the dike. Today the audience they receive is family, groups of friends and couples who are going to spend the day at the place. But in the future they plan to transform El Faro - Beach Bar into a business meeting space.

The idea of the Tourism Authority of the province that supports this project is to extend the time of visits at the dam. Turn it into an after for people coming out of work, which would give new potential to the place. The Lighthouse is changing some of the behavior and experience of visitors at the dam.

Publication Date: 20/02/2020

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